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FACTS - Set Up

Since we have migrated to a platform that combines Tuition and SIS (formerly RenWeb) functions, setting up tuition is slightly different than in the past. Images have PC screen shots on left and mobile device on right.

In order to have your tuition set up, you must first set up a payment plan. To do this you will need to sign in to your FAMILY PORTAL account. If you are new to the school, you will need to create one for the financially responsible parent(s)/guardian(s). You can do that HERE or follow the quick link on the right toolbar (PC) or scroll down (mobile device). You can either save the link or go back to website to use in future.

This will take you to the LOGIN SCREEN where you will enter your username and password. If you have not done this before, you need to create an account. Be SURE you select “Parent”.

For those setting up for the first time

Please note that ONCE YOU START setup, you will have SIX HOURS TO COMPLETE SETUP!

Then click on: Create New Family Portal Account

Follow the instructions using the email address that received setup email or it will not recognize you as affiliated with the school. It may take 10-15 minutes to get the reply email with the link for password selection. If you did not receive a setup email please contact the office.

On the menu on the left (PC) you will see FINANCIAL at the bottom, for mobile devices you will need to click on the MENU BARS in upper left, then you will see FINANCIAL at the bottom.

Once you are in the FINANCIAL menu, on PC there will be a box in upper right and there is a link to Set up a Payment Plan, for mobile devices you will need to scroll down. This is an admin view of an account, so it says “disabled”, as we cannot enter that information.

If you have any issues once logged into the FACTS Tuition portal, call the SUPPORT NUMBER: 1-866-315-9262. For security reasons, we do not have any access between beginning to set up and when you finish set up. FACTS has to help there.

Once this is completed we will be notified that you are in a “PENDING” status and we can then enter your tuition and scholarships.